How To Build Your Custom Unit 

1. Choose Your Bundles: Select Texture and Length of bundles you would like to use for your custom unit and Add to Cart.

2. Choose Your Lace:

Select matching Lace Closure or Frontal and Add to Cart. If you are wanting a U-Part Unit, skip this step. 

3. Add “Build A Royal Unit” to Cart :

Choose your custom unit type and Add to Cart

Frontal Unit: Very versatile. High maintenance. Maintenance required 2-3 weeks. If you would like to wear your frontal Unit glueless please leave a comment in the notes. 

Closure Unit: Less versatile. Low Maintenance. Suggest for everyday wear.

UPart Unit: Natural leave out is left out to cover the wefts of the Unit. If you would like to leave your natural perimeter out please leave a comment in the notes. 

In Customer Notes please answer the following questions:

  • If able, please include measurements. (Circumference, Front to Nape, Ear to Ear) If you are not comfortable takings your own measurements, send us an email to or text our customer service number (469) 337-1403. 
  • Where would you like your part? (Left, Right, or Middle)
  • Choose a style? (Bone Straight, Curls, Loose Curls, Wand Curls)
  • Security Attachment  (Wig Combs and/or Elastic Band) 

4. Shipping 

Royal Units can be shipped out to you or picked up in the salon (Choose in-salon pick-up) 


Please allow 10-14 business days for your Custom Royal Unit to be constructed. Custom color is an additional 7 business days.

Feel to add any additional information needed to ensure satisfaction. You can also email us inspiration photos of additional styles you would like to achieve with your Royal Unit to or text a customer service representative at (469) 337-1403.  

Client Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the potential customer to ask ALL questions prior to making your purchase. A Royal Unit Consultation can be scheduled if needed on the Get Crowned by Rykkia tab. It is the responsibility of each customer to read ALL of the information provided above. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR INFORMATION THAT THE CLIENT/ CUSTOMER NEGLECTED TO READ. Die to the nature of these custom orders ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No Returns, Refunds, or Exchanges under ANY Circumstances. Discrepancies must be brought to our attention NO LATER than 48 hours of receiving your unit. 

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